Meditrope Yellow Tops

Meditrope Yellowtops are dosed at 10iu per vial and one kit consists of 10 vials. Meditrope pioneered the concept of overfilling GH vials and set new standards in the GH industry. For latest batch information and statistics you can contact us via website or email.

We have a fast moving supply chain network and always ship fresh inventory to our customers from Europe.

For authenticity and verification purposes Meditrope Yellowtop have non-removable and identifiable batch numbers written on every single vial along with the Meditrope official logo.

For bloodwork data of HPLC, Serum, IGF please contact us via website or email.

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Meditrope Blacktops

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Meditrope Mauvetops

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I’m very satisfied with your Mauve Tops, thank you once again!!

J, France

Well you have  the perfect customer support/service. I really appreciate it. You give the feeling to the customer to be accompanied and  that’s priceless!

Y, France

I honestly thought HGH would need a month or 4-6 weeks for results to show. So I started on a small dose to see I didn’t get the wrist problem. But after 2 weeks people were saying I looked great – lean, vascular and full. The only thing that changed was the HGH. So yeah, now I come ordering for a good run of the same, only from the direct source!!

Stefan, Netherlands