Money Transfer Payments

We accept payments via the following options. Once your order has been confirmed we will send you the payees details.

Western Union

You can send money via WU online or via finding the nearest Western union location at

Money Gram

You can send money via MG online or via finding an agent location to send money. Agent locations can be found at

Bitcoin Payments

STEP 1: How to install Your Wallet

There are lots of wallet options, one of the best and most used wallet is called Exodus and is available on PC, Mac or Linux, you can download here. Exodus wallet platform works in mutiple currencies including GBP, EUROS.

Install as you would any other program on your computer and then open the program.

That’s it your Bitcoin wallet is setup and ready to accept funds.

Also change the currency from the default USD to your local currency GBP or EUROS. To do this click settings bottom left hand corner of Exodus, “Set your preferred local currency” and pick your currency from the drop down and keep it that way.

STEP 2: How to Buy Bitcoins

In order to credit your wallet, you need to know your “Bitcoin Address” this is unique to you, just like the number of your bank account.

In Exodus, click Wallet on the left hand column then click Bitcoin.

This will display your Bitcoin balance.

Click Receive

A screen will open that has a QR code (a square black & white picture) and “YOUR BITCOIN ADDRESS”  it will be a long address of mixed numbers and letters.Copy this address to your computer clipboard. THIS IS YOUR ADDRESS FOR RECEIVING BITCOINS (use the icon under the address to copy so that you can give it to the Bitcoin currency exchange it in a minute)


Please NOTE: Buying and selling Bitcoins is fully legal and in compliance with the law, the requirement of ID is for anti money laundering purposes, similar to if you send a Western Union payment for example. ID verification is a standard procedure between you and the service provider of your choice.

These are many top online crypto sellers out there but the one which is very popular is below. Its similar to the concept of Ebay but selling cyrptocurrency/ Bitcoins. You can buy from private sellers with high reputation and after checking their customer feedback and score on local bitcoins. You can choose a bitcoin seller in your native country or anywhere in the world.

First thing you need to do is get registered and make an account with local bitcoins or any other service provider you choose to purchase bitcoins. They will ask you to verify your identity by uploading a photo ID and proof of address. It can take a couple of hours for you to be verified, this is a one time deal, you won’t have to do this every time. Once you are verified you are ready to purchase and then you can just simply login each time and just purchase as needed.

Your payment is then processed for Bitcoins at the current exchange rate specified. After 5-10 minutes you will automatically receive your coins in your wallet. Just head on back to your Exodus wallet on your computer and login (if you haven’t done so already), click on wallet, click Bitcoins and you should see your new crypto balance!

STEP 4: How you can send Bitcoins ?

Obtain bitcoin wallet address you wish to send fund to

In Exodus go to Wallet

Click Bitcoins

Click Send

Enter the Bitcoin address you received from me in the top bar “Send to Bitcoin address”

Enter the amount*

Click send

And you have successfully sent bitcoins to the recipient wallet address from your Exodus wallet.

Hope you find this information helpful. Information is shared from  the source sites of Exodus wallet and Local Bitcoins to educate our site readers on crypto currency knowledge for entertainment purposes only.

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